Top Business Ideas with Low Investment in Australia

Low Investment in Australia

If you are a resident of Australia and looking to start a business with low investment, you will not be short on choice. Australia is a business friendly and wealthy country with a high per capita income. It is also the world’s thirteenth largest economy making it the ideal choice for start-ups and potential investors. Further, similar opportunities are available for non-Australian citizens too. An application has to be made for the relevant Visa of which there are two types – the Business Innovation and Investment Visa and the Business Talent Visa. After obtaining a Visa, necessary permissions and licences have to be obtained from Government Departments and statutory bodies.

Here are some business ideas with low investment that you can try in Australia.

  • Catering business – It is a very profitable business with high margins. There is no need for special training or experience to start off, simply having a lot of stamina and good interpersonal skills will be enough. However, to improve your skills, you can take up a vocational course or work as an apprentice with a reputed caterer before starting out on your own. Initially, you can focus on service at birthday parties, picnics and family reunions before attempting to go big time with company dinners and wedding receptions. If you start working from home, you can eliminate infrastructure costs like rent and other business expenses. Your major fixed investment will be on equipment for cooking and serving and recurring investment of cost of ingredients.
  • Cleaning business – Residential and office cleaning business requires low investment but is generally a profitable venture. It can be started from home with very little infrastructure. Only cleaning equipment and consumables like cleaning solutions are necessary in the initial stages. As you expand, you can get a vehicle to take you around. Till such time, whenever you get an order, you can hire a vehicle to reach the place. You can also take in more cleaners as your business expands. It is advisable to focus on a niche – residential and office cleaning is the ideal start. In home settings you can even include extras like car cleaning which requires no special skills unlike car log book service at accredited garages.
  • Digital marketing – It is one of the top paying and lucrative industries in the world today with vast potential in Australia. This is because the growth in mobile phone usage has made online marketing of products and services very crucial for businesses. Even a car mechanic in Sunshine, Melbourne would prefer to advertise his services online to rake in the benefits of wider reach of his message at affordable rates. However, it is one field in which you must have adequate knowledge of the latest tools and technologies to be successful. If you do not have the required skill sets, take up professional courses and work in a reputed agency for some time to gain experience. You can start from your home with a computer initially on a self employment basis and focus on email marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing and the like.
  • Consulting – If you are an expert on a specific subject, consulting can be a very lucrative proposition for you. It can be any chosen area – finance, marketing or business consultant. The latter is especially in high demand by small businesses and start-ups that need professional guidance but do not have the financial clout to hire well paid executives in every field. You can work from home or from client’s office, thereby saving on investments for setting up an office. Once you are well settled and well known there will be no stopping you.

These are some of the areas you can focus on if you want to start a business in Australia with low investments.

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